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23 December 2007 @ 01:09 am
Tagged by  misoyo 
Sorry it takes a long time to answer! XD

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You're tagged, guys XD
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18 October 2007 @ 01:58 am
So yeah, new layout! *banzai~

Credit goes to </a></font></a>refuted for its beatiful layout =D And I finally made my first header yo!^^

But there's still some errors with my journal. What the hell is going on with the space?? I've tried to fix it but nothing happened = /

Anyways! Tegoshi's such love! Biggest baby in NEWS ever! But I think he's changed so much. Gawd his style is kinda... HOT! 

Hh... I miss Tegoshi. On Nov11 he'll turn 20, having a ceremony at the Jinja...
Damn! I really wanna see him at that moment! XO

And don't forget! 21st Oct! Tego on ShoClub Premium! *thanks for the info, misoyo ^^ 
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04 September 2007 @ 03:24 pm

Hyaaa!!! Mina san… Hisashiburiiii !!! I miss u all ^^.

Gomen for my skip.. There were some tests from 23-30 Aug. Hahaha. Yeah, tests again. Gosh I hope I’ll get good marks. I’ve done my bests… Plz3 gimme good marks sensei! LoL.

Hey chotto. It’s already Sept right??? So…. It means… NEWS-Change the World's been released deshou????







Oh yesh. I HAVE TO find the DL Links. Yesh. Yesh. IMMEDIATELY. Gosh. Can’t wait hearing Tegonyan’s voice again *KYAA!!!* >v< Tegochi! Tegochi! I miss u >33

Btw does anyone have Koyama+Shige: Chirarizumu mp3 rip?? I saw them performing that song and I think it’s SUPA KAWAII >v< The song and the dance. KAWAIIIIII YO <3

I really really wanna get that song in my iPod… I think I’m getting addicted with the song XD

And… I’m very very obviously curious with that song’s mean. So if anyone has the full lyric, plz3 tell me… I wanna read it and understand it.. Sankyuu ^^

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14 August 2007 @ 03:48 pm
「Oh! Yah 孝行デビュー」 - Oh!Yah Koukou Debut

Yabu, Taiyou, Tegoshi, Koyama

Live Stage

サマー!× サマー!× サマー![Summer! × Summer! × Summer!](Ya-Ya-yah)
Ikujinashi (Ya-Ya-yah, Tegoshi)
HA*RU*NA*TSU*A*KI*FU*YU (Ya-Ya-yah, Shige, Koyama)
愛しのプレイガール [Itoshi no Playgirl](Ya-Ya-yah, Masuda)
サヤエンドウ [Sayaendou](Ya-Ya-yah, Koyama, Shige, Tegoshi, Masuda)

  (click for larger view)

Download Links: .001 .002 .003 .004 .005 .006

Credit: yungboy, kamichan

Comments are love ^^

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12 August 2007 @ 10:30 am

Yo! The tests are over! *phew! Finally!* That’s all. *LOL*

Oh btw I’ve just finished reading NEWS pages in WinkUp aug07. OK. I know it’s a bit late since the Sept edition has already out *definitely*. You know, in fact school days are full of tests *yes, right. THAT test PLUS THE OTHER tests*, practicum, and those kinda assignments. So yeah, busy days.

Demo ne, I try to translate the “NEWS QUESTION 10” in WinkUp aug07 (and add my comments) into English with my friend, Ima, who translated the difficult part into Indonesian. She helped me a lot with those ‘STRANGE KANJI’ *LOL*.

Thx a lot Ima <333 ur the best, I luv U <3. Fuhuhuhuhu. Kidding.

However we’re not a pro yet. So gomen ne for the mistranslations and some stupid grammars.

Ah! I forgot it! I only post 6 Qs&As translations.

Comments are nice ^^

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05 August 2007 @ 10:41 am
「江戸っ子塾」 - Tokyoite Cram School

Yabu, Taiyo, Tegoshi

Guest: 東貴博 (Take2)
          [Azuma Takahiro (Take2)]

Live Stage: Hey! Say! 7 (Hey! Say!)

Download Links:

.002 .003 .004 (join with HJSplit)
Credit: Happy Town
, Kamichan

Comments are always appreciated
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13 July 2007 @ 01:52 pm

Yo! I’m back my journal! Wohohoho!!!!

Sorry for dumping you for Batu =p

Maa—4 days in Batu is good ne… Relaxing your body, have a trip in Apple Pledge… Enjoying the flowers…  Sugoiiiiiii  >.<

Nice place uh…? *yes, definitely*  It must be great if I spent time with Tego there <3333 (Kyaaa!!! Kyaaa!!! >v<).

*Stop dreamin girl! Wake up!*

Btw I’m gonna move to the new house this Satuday (yayayayay! I can redecorate my room!). This is a busy week! *nyan* There are much things to do for this journal and I have done nothing but packing my stuffs *uwoo!!!* Poor me.

I'm very tired actually.

Ganbatte my self! Ganbatte!! Ganbatte!! *yoooossshhaaa!!!!*



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29 June 2007 @ 02:39 pm
Uwooo!!! I can't believe this! It's holiday time! Yay!
I'm gonna download some Tego and News stuff... Demo...
Megaupload seems hate me so much this week! NOOOO!!!!!!
Well.. But I think it's better to make some banners. Yay! Ganbatte!
Oops, gotta go. Bubye
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21 June 2007 @ 01:45 pm

HI… This is my first post. I dun really know what I’m gonna do next.

Aa!!! Someone! Please help me!!

Okay. Let’s talk about my day. U know? I’ve successfully unsuccessfully past the exam.

AAARRGGGHH!!! My physic mark is awful. Unbelievably AWFUL.

Maa…. I should prepare it more seriously in grade 12…

Btw, it was boring 2day. There was no interesting activity at school since it has already class meet.

I wonder why the class meet games were those boring. >_<..

Ha… Just if YamaP was here…

And Tego…

And Uchi…

And Ryo….

And Jin…

Hey! Btw I have some Indonesian and Japanese songs.

Tell me if you’re interested so I can upload it ^^

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